Great Stash Dash!

THE GREAT STASH DASH is happening!
We are changing up a little this year. This is the 6th year of
the Great Stash Dash and many of you have 5 bags to prove it.
So this year you may show up at any one of your favorite shops
beginning Saturday, November 28, 2020 with a previous year
bag and receive a paper passport for 2021. You don't have to buy
another bag
If you have never attended the Dash in the past or heaven
forbid thrown out all you bags you can stop in at any of the shops
participating and they will happily sell you a bag and paper
passport for $15.00.
The Dash will be 16 days long to give everyone enough time
to get around in our lovely winter weather. It begins at business
open hours on Friday, January 22 and closes at the end of
business on Saturday, February 6. This year since Sunday the
7th is Super Bowl Sunday and there are usually other events to
distract us on that day we are closing a day early!
Also the best part of this Dash is you can receive four more
opportunities to use the 15% discount at the shops of your
choice during 2021.

There are three saving Saturdays this year:

May 29
July 31
October 30

And of course our very popular BONUS COUPON -

In addition to your paper passport you will receive a bonus
coupon from every shop you visit during the January/February
Dash 2021. This coupon may be redeemed at the shop who
issued it to you any time during 2021. Ask for your coupon
when you get your passport stamped.