Annie - Netbook Computer Carriers II

Annie - Netbook Computer Carriers II

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Netbook Computer Carriers II Patterns by Annie Carry your netbook computer, tablet, or iPad comfortably with these stylish carriers made in your favorite fabrics. The Netbook Case has a zippered closure, front zippered pocket and full inner zippered mesh pocket. Padded handles make it easy to carry. The Netbook Carrier has a zippered closure and two styles of handles. An optional inner zippered mesh pocket and two outside pockets (one zippered) provide convenient and safe storage for extra gear. Uses ByAnnie's Handbag Zippers: ZIP24-XXX, ZIP30-XXX and ZIP40-XXX. **This pattern was originally sold under the title Netbook Computer Carriers 2.0. changed the name to Netbook Computer Carriers II in Jan. 2021 to promote more consistency in their pattern catalog. There was no substantial change to the pattern itself.**

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